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Chapter 10
Two skulls
D and Liana,  when morning came, went to Oxide. Cave of truth changed. The hole in the ceiling was gone. In the center was a place where was "light of truth", but now he fell on top of a geyser. On top of cave was starry sky. Water, which was quite a lot here, the light blue color, which further sanctified cave. Top right of the geyser was a cave, where from Oxide come
Oxide: Welcome back D. I know what happened ... I see
D touched the right side of the face.
D: Liana told me that we can return Skeleton King. This is true?
Oxide: Yes
D: But how?
Oxide: We must to collect his parts again. And for that you need to collect: his skull, soul, Sceptre Bones, cloak of darkness, the crystal "heart of death" and the fire sphere of  rage and power. You start find ... I think the skull
D: With the skull? But he was swept into the same space.
Then came Liana
Liana: I recently wandered around the neighborhood, and noticed that the Order, who once worshiped the Skeleton King. And yesterday, they found a skull of Skeleton King, so that we go .....
************************************************** *
D ran for Liana, who knew where to hide the order. Liana climber D to a large round stone. They rolled it and went into tunnel. Friends passed, but Liana signaled to stop. D and Liana looked around the corner. The cave was in the likeness of a temple. In the center was an altar, where  was the skull of Skeleton King  he cave was about 15 or 20 people in the hood that went to the altar. "Strange people" thought D. She decided to make a move, something to go and pick up the skull, but Liana stopped her.
Liana: Wait ... There is something wrong ...
It took a couple minutes, and from another tunnel out Valina and some early crow robot. Valina started talking to two people in hoods (they were the most main of all) and it was obvious that the conflict evolved. Valina said something, and one of the men tied them both to the wall. D thought, "What's going on? Who are these people, and what is needed Valina? Anyway, why she here? she's dead!" D woke up from thinking, when there appeared Chiro and the team. Liana whispered "wait until the commotion starts, and take the skull"
The fight began. D stand still, until I saw one man in a raincoat (leader) ran up to the skull, picked it up and turned into a monster. D clenched her fists and angry go ahead.
Liana: D Stop! Early!
D turned to her and said another voice
D:  I will not let use his skull for any nonsense ...
Liana was scared and moved away from the D, and I thought "voice like .... No, it can't be!"
D went to the skull, pulling the columns from attack. He walked to the altar, but the monster grabbed her with one paw and squeezed.
Monster: No one can touch the skull of Skeleton King! His strength is now ours!
D hurt, because the monster was squeezing her stronger. Liana saw this and rushed to help, but there was a monster force field. D gasped, and then lowered her head. And then the voice said Skeleton King
Skeleton King: And who said that my power is now yours!
Monster hurt paw. D opened her paw force field, and then pushed the monster power of telekinesis. D fell to the ground, clutching his head thought, "What is wrong with me?"
Skull fell out of the clutches of the monster, and the monster turned into a man.
D: Liana! Grab your skull!
But as soon as Liana ran to the skull, behind her nano robot crow attacked. D went to the skull, but here there was Valina
D: You!
Valina grinned.
Valina: Do not expect to see you again.
D: Me too. I thought you  dead!
Valina: I was allowed to come back ... Now go away! Skull of Skeleton King mine!
D: No!
D and Valina grabbed skull. And each held over until the voice of Chiro
Chiro: Lightning!
Skull flew out of the hands of Valina and D and almost cracked. And then something happened that no one would expect. Skull of Skeleton King lit up, and when the light faded, then there is another skull. Valina grabbed crystal skull and disappeared along with the raven. D holding skull of Skeleton King. Chiro and the monkeys looked at her.
Liana: D! Get out!
D ran to the door with vines
Chiro: Monkey team! We must get skull of Skeleton King! Go on!
Liana: We need to go to cave of the truth, then they will not find us.
Suddenly, between D and Liana shell fell, it was Antauri. Chiro and team chased them.
D: Liana, you keep the skull and-run on top, and I'm at the bottom. If they catch you, then you toss to me skull.
D jumped down. Liana ran forward, holding a skull of Skeleton King in her teeth.
Nova: Lady Tamagafk!
Behind of Liana began to shake the earth. Liana accelerated, and jumping on the stone ledge turned.
Sparx: Magno rain!
Some of magnetic balls flew to Liana. Liana was to jump on a stone pillar, and behind it the pillars on which it was destroyed. As a result, Liana jumped up where he was a dead end. Behind her came a rattle. Liana whirled and claws. It was John.
John: Liana ... It's me ...
Liana calm down and placed next to a skull.
Liana: John? What are you doing here? What you want?
John looked at her and took do one step, and Liana again raised claws.
John: Liana relax. I don't know do bad something for you!
Liana: I repeat the question! What do you want!
John: Liana ... Give us the skull.
Liana: No! (Liana grinned)
John: But Liana, why you do this? You're telling me that you're not his serve. You lied to me? (Slightly frustrated asked John)
Liana slightly relaxed
Liana: I'm not lying to you. I did not serve him when Skeleton King  wanted to capture Shoogazom, but at the moment we just want to get it back ...
John: But why?
Liana: You do not understand ... You do not know...
John: (sigh) then I'm sorry ... Monkey scream!
Liana flew to the sound wave. Liana grabbed skull, and jumped to the side.
Liana: Phantom!
Liana vanished into the shadows. John anxiously looked around, and suddenly behind him rushed to Liana. They drove to the edge of the ledge. In the end, John had Liana.
D:  Liana, throw to me a skull!
Liana tried to reach his hand, but could not, so she pushed his tail.
D caught the skull, but was surrounded by Chiro and the team. D was at an impasse.
Antauri: D give up! You're surrounded. Liana in trap. Give us the skull.
Liana: No D! Do not do it! Run!
D step back a few steps.
D: No Antauri! Never.
D lowered her head, and her hair covered her face. She repeated the word "Never" and hugged her skull Skeleton King. Suddenly D scary laugh. Chiro and the team retreated a couple of steps:
D: Haha ... You are so naive ... Monkey Team ...
Chiro immediately recognized the voice
Chiro: Skeleton King?
D looked up, and they saw that his right eye has changed ...
Skeleton King: Yeah Chiro. And how you can see I'm in D, but not for long .... think of me so easily get rid of?
Sparx: Stop listening to this nonsense! D is crazy ! Magno Ball!
In D flew magnetic ball. She caught him.
Skeleton King: It is easy to ...
D look where the Liana, and threw the ball to John. John hit the wall
Antauri: John!
Chiro: Monkey team attack!
Antauri: Ghost Sword
Sparx: Great magno ball!
Gibson: Laser Stream
Nova: Lady tamagafk!
Otto :Saw wind
Chiro: Spiral Chiro
 The smoke cleared from attack gone, and they marveled that D was no damage
Skeleton King: Now my turn.
D look at Liana and pulled her to her.
Skeleton King: Stand by me
D began to appear around the force field. After a second round D formed a force field as Skeleton King
Chiro : No!
Antauri: Team attack! But only use attacks that pull electricity, and I will try to stop the D
Team  attacked, Antauri run to  D and attack her, hoping to penetrate the field. Antauri abacame a ghost, but running to the D, just struck, and he bounced back
Skeleton King: Not now Antauri!
John: Antauri
John flew to Antauri
John: Antauri, how are you?
Antauri: I'm fine, but we need to do something ...
The team was exhausted. Ciro saw that everyone was tired
Chiro: Team, go back
The team go back. Liana looked at John. John before leaving Liana gave a stern look
Liana : John? ....
The team has left, and D calmed down and fell to his knees. The force field has disappeared.
Liana: D?
D: What do .... What happened?
Liana looked at the retreating team
Liana: You won Chiro and his team ...
Later ...
D and Liana were sitting around the campfire. Nel was sleeping at the feet of vines. A look at the skull, and then looked at Liana
D: Liana? How are  you?
Liana sad sigh
Liana: I'm fine, but .... John ... He does not love me any more ... His eyes ... He trusted me ...
In the eyes of Liana tears began to appear. D came up to her, and put her hand on his shoulder.
D: I think he still loves you ...
Liana sniffed
Liana: You think so?
D: Yes ... Liana, what happened to me?
Liana: Well ... As I understand, Skeleton King took over your mind. And then you set up a force field in the form of it, and dispersed all ..
D: That's impossible! its because there is not!
Liana: D, you know what he did to you ...
D: Yes, Yes, his soul in me, just as I can not believe in all this ... and by the way that the skull appeared  Valina?
Liana: Eeeee .... You better come up with this question to Oxide
But A does not have to go to the oxide. From the cave came screeching. Came out of the cave oxide
Oxide: You wanted to see me?
D: Oxide,  that the skull appeared at Valina?
Oxide: This skull of Skeleton Emperor ...
D nearly fell
D: Skeleton Emperor?? Who is this?
Oxide: Previously he was the brother of Skeleton King ...
D: What?? He had a brother? Yes, this is nonsense!
Oxide: Can not believe it, but it's a fact.
D: Well it is, but one thing I can not understand! Why do you want return Skeleton King?
Oxide: This is a story from the past, and it is very long. But nutshell. If the Skeleton Emperor come back, the only one who can stop him, it's Skeleton King ...
D: But ...
D did not finish. Oxide took off and flew north. D look at Liana. She looked at the departing Dragon
D: Liana?
Liana: It's amazing! I know Oxide so many years , but he did not come out of the cave .... But now ...
D look at the sky, which was full of stars, and I thought "how many mysteries and strange facts ..."
Soon D and Liana asleep ....
Oxide flew for about an hour and came to the edge of the sea. Here he waited for his friend Rocknen:  Oxide looked into the sea until his friend arrived
Rocknen:Oxide, you came ...
Oxide: Rocknen... What happened?
Rocknen: Keepers say that something is happening. "Dark one" can come back ...
Oxide: What? This can not be! Too early!
Rocknen: Yes, I agree, too early, but if he comes back, he would not be able to do what I wanted for a long time.
Oxide: And now I will tell to you the shocking news ... Skeleton Emperor may also return.
Rocknen: Are you sure?
Oxide: Yes
Rocknen hung his head
Rocknen: So ... Predictions can come true
Oxide: I think so ...
Rocknen: Oxide ... Now I ask you again ... Come back to the home..
Oxide glared at him
Oxide: No! I have not finished my mission!
Rocknen: But ...
Oxide: No! I myself have agreed to this, so there!
Rocknen took a step to Oxide and Oxide retreated
Rocknen: I do not want to lose you ....
Oxide: I had to guess, that arrived here, you'll be trying to persuade me again ...
With that Oxide took off and flew back to the cave of the truth, and he thought, "is nearing, we must hurry ..."
Sorry for mistakes ^^;

John by :iconjohntherebelleader:
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